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Day 1

Wow!! Such a fantastic start to the Happy Healthy Holidays Camp at Eastmoor Community Centre!!!

This week the theme is all about the Olympics and its ancient Greek origins.

Today the children had a fantastic time crafting their very own mini Olympians, laurel wreaths and Olympic torches, they also had a lot of fun taking part in Olympics games outdoors.


Join in the fun, download the resources as shown in the picture and create from home. Please send your completed crafts, we would love to see them!


Day 2


Children had a fantastic Trip day out at Wheelgate Park!


Stride Theatre came in on the 3rd day of Happy Healthy Holidays, where kids thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in dance and theatre role play. In addition to keep variety there was also physical activities also.


Day 4

On the final day of HHH for this week the children enjoyed making their own Greek shields and as a random act of kindness have created beautiful handmade cards for our elderly residents living in local care homes. Please feel free to download the No1 Card template and join in at home. 

The children also took part in a Drumming Workshop. Just look at the pictures below to see how much fun they had!

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